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Bits, Noise, and Linearity; the Imperfections of ADCs

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Digitization rate (frequency)

How rapidly does the ADC refresh its output? That's the digitization rate. Approximate rates are tabulated below (but one must look at the specifications for each system; just knowing the type isn't enough!).

ADC Type Number of bits Digitization Rate (Hz)
Dual Slope 12-18 1-100
V to F 12-24 1-1000
Successive Approximations 12 105 - 20×106
  16 104 - 4×106
Flash 8 106 - 108
Σ Δ 14-24 1-1.92×105

In general, higher resolution correlates with slower conversion. Some compound types (pipelined converters) may mix a flash converter for the most significant bits with some other strategy for less significant bits.



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