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Why ADCs Use Integer Math

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Exercise: If the 8 bit converter in the previous section gives 1000 0000 for a 2.5 V input signal, what digitization would we want for a 9 bit bipolar converter observing the same 2.5 V input?

What encoding would we want for the 9 bit converter to give for -2.5 V input?

 Exercise: An old data file is found with 8 bit numbers and a label "binary digitized data, 8 bits, 5V full scale." The first 3 values in the file are 0110 0011, 1110 0100, 1010 1001. There is no indication if the data is unipolar or bipolar, and no indication if the encoding is straight binary, signed-magnitude binary, or two's complement binary. What are the possible values for the voltages that are digitally represented by these three numbers? Answer.



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