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Sigma-Delta ADC

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We now come to a type of ADC that has become the tool of choice for audio digitization for computers, for inexpensive high-resolution digitizers, and for digital signal processors that need not digitize at high speeds: the sigma-delta (or, if the font display allows it, the Σ-Δ converter). Because the response frequency and signal averaging properties are as good as dual slope and V to F converters, the resolution better than many successive approximation converters and as good as many V to F systems, but the hardware is simpler to build and less subject to drift, in recent years the Σ-Δ converter has exploded in popularity. The only ADC whose hegemony is not threatened by the Σ-Δ converter is the flash converter.

Exercise: what is unique about flash converters that makes it unlikely that they will cease being used?  



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