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Voltage to Frequency Conversion ADC

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Example. Suppose the integrator in a V to F converter is shorted for 1 μs every time the comparator "hits." In 1.0000 s, the V to F counts up 9997 counts, seemingly indicating 0.9997 V. However, that means that the integrator wasn't integrating for 9997 μs or 9.997 ms. Because the apparent count rate was 1 count every 1/9997 s or once per 0.1 ms, the counter missed integrating for nearly 100 counts. The corrected count is 9997 + 100 = 10097, giving a corrected output reading of 1.0097 V, about a 1% correction.

While correction factors are easier to account for in software than in hardware, many systems account for the dead time in hardware.



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