Statement of DSG Timothy Larsen, arrestingofficer

"The suspect Michael Brown was standing outside 110 West Park Streetnear some other spectators. He seemed unusually agitated and defensive;I was keeping an eye on him while trying to carry out my other duties. Isaw him pull a knife from his pocket and begin to threaten some of the peoplewho had approached him too nearly. At that point I intervened, confiscatedthe knife, and searched him for other concealed weapons. I found no otherweapon, but did find a small bag of white powder. The suspect refused toidentify the powder. It has been sent for analysis. His behavior seemedto be consistent with that of some one under the influence of some kindof drug. A blood test was taken to be tested for the presence of any controlledsubstance. A statement was taken at the police station. The suspect appearsto have some evidence related to the Samuel Herrick case. His statementis therefore included in that report."