Request for Examination of Evidence

Crime: Murder/Suicide ?
In County of: Lorain
Victim: Samuel F. Herrick
Suspects: Michael Brown; Samuel Herrick; Caroline Stevens; Donna Stevens.
Submitting Agency: Ohio State Police, Troop C, Oberlin, OH
Submitted To: Oberlin Crime Lab.
Forward Replies to: Capt. R. Q. Thompson, Commanding, Troop C, Oberlin OH 44074
Investigation by: DSG. R. E. Hook

Brief History of Case: Victim found dead on couch,Apt. 2, 110 West Park St. One gunshot wound through right side of head. Firedamage to nearby area; victim undisturbed by fire. Arson suspected (FireChief L. M. Hartman). Handgun found on floor near body. On nearby table,two glasses, one 1/8-full bottle of brandy, ashtray containing three cigarettebutts and one match. On floor, two cigarette butts. No forced entry.

Photos and sketch of crime scene to be forwarded to Laboratory by Troop C Identification Bureau.

List of Specimens from Crime Scene -- examinationrequested from this lab

  1. Blood - (100 cc) from victim
  2. Two (2; L, R) handwashing samples - from victim.
  3. "Suicide" note from apartment.
  4. Shopping list from apartment
  5. One (1) black felt-tip pen from apartment.
  6. One (1) glass ashtray from apartment.
  7. Two (2) glass tumblers from apartment.
  8. One (1) empty bottle of brandy from apartment.
  9. One (1) one and a half inch (1 1/2") square pieceburned carpet from apartment.
  10. One (1) one and a half inch (1 1/2") square pieceunburned carpet from apartment.

List of Specimens from Crime Scene--examination notrequested from this lab

  1. One (1) .44 handgun from apartment (rifling matches striations onbullet found in victim's head).
  2. One (1) spent cartridge from apartment (matches typeammunition in # 3).
  3. One (1) open box ammunition from apartment (matchestype found in victim's head in autopsy; striations match rifling of # 1this list)
  4. Six (6) burned cigarette butts from apartment.
  5. One (1) burned match from apartment.
  6. One (1) paper bag ("The Science Store") from apartment.

List of Specimens from Suspects and Other Locations--examinationrequested from this lab

  1. Two (2; R, L) handwashing samples from Michael Brown
  2. Fingerprints of Michael Brown
  3. Handwriting sample of Michael Brown
  4. Blood sample (plasma) from Michael Brown
  5. One (1) packet unidentified white powder from MichaelBrown
  6. One (1) black felt-tip pen from Michael Brown
  7. Two (2; R, L) handwashing samples from Donna Stevens
  8. Fingerprints of Donna Stevens
  9. Handwriting sample of Donna Stevens
  10. One (1) black felt-tip pen from Donna Stevens' room (78 Sherman)
  11. Two (2; R, L) handwashing samples from Caroline Stevens
  12. Fingerprints of Caroline Stevens
  13. Handwriting sample of Caroline Stevens
  14. One (1) black felt-tip pen from Caroline Stevens' purse (78 Sherman)
  15. One (1) metal flammable-liquid container from 78Sherman
  16. Kerosene sample from large container at 78 Sherman
  17. Gasoline sample from large container at110 West ParkStreet (common shed shared by residents)


Autopsy report from Marc Paulus, Lorain County Coroner
Crime scene report (murder/suicide) from DSG Ruth Hook, investigating officer at the scene
Crime scene report (possessionof controlled substance) from DSG Timothy Larsen, investigating officer at the scene
Fire investigationreport from Leonard Hartman, Oberlin Fire Chief

Statements Available for Review upon Request

Mrs. Camilla S. Berry -- neighbor of deceased
Mr. Richard L.Neilson -- neighbor of deceased
Mr. Michael D.Brown -- acquaintance of deceased; arrested at scene for possession of illegalsubstance
Ms. DonnaE. Stevens -- fiancee of deceased
Mrs. CarolineH. Stevens -- acquaintance of deceased; mother of Donna Stevens
Mr. ChristopherA. Gunn -- friend of deceased
Mr.Charles S. Johnson -- client of Caroline Stevens