Statement of Charles Johnson, taken at 12 Waterly Place, 6:00 pm, Wednesday, October 18.

How are you acquainted with Caroline Stevens?

"She's doing some landscape designing for our house here. We got a recommedation from her from some friends of ours."

Were you expecting to meet with Mrs. Stevens on Tuesday night?

"No. My wife and I were quite surprised to find her note on our door when we got back yesterday evening. We had thought she was going to present the final plan next Tuesday, the twenty-first. I don't know whose mistake it was."

Will you please describe what you and your wife did yesterday evening?

"We left the house at 6:30 for a concert. One of our friends plays first violin in the county symphony and we thought it would be fun to go see him. The concert started at 7:00 and was over around 10:00. We got home at about 10:45 and found Caroline's note. We thought it was too late to call her and straighten out the confusion, so we left it until today. My wife was going to call her this evening."

Do you still have the note?

"Uh, no. I threw it out in the trash that was picked up this morning. I guess that was evidence, huh?"