Statement of Richard Neilson, taken at Apartment 1, 110 West Park Street, 10:00 pm, Tuesday, October 17.

When did you leave your apartment this evening, Mr. Neilson?

"I think around a quarter of nine. I needed to do a pretty big grocery shopping."

Did you notice anything unusual this evening before you left?

"No, nothing at all."

Did you see any people when you left the building?

"No, but I did hear somebody on the stairs just as I was putting on my jacket to leave. I didn't see who it was, though. They were gone by the time I went out."

What happened then?

"I drove to the Shop 'n' Save; it's just five minutes away or so. I got my groceries and came home. I guess it was about 9:50 when I got back and saw all this."

Did you know your neighbor, Samuel Herrick, very well?

"No, not very well. Mostly we'd just nod to each other by the doorway if we happened to run into each other. I know he had a fair number of visitors and that he and his girlfriend would fight pretty often. My ceiling, or his floor, didn't seem very thick sometimes."

Did you know Donna Stevens very well?

"I knew her just about as well as I knew Sam; we'd say hi if we met in the hallway and that was about it."

Did you notice any change in Mr. Herrick's behavior during the past week or so?

"No, but like I said, we didn't really have much to do with each other."