Statement of victim's mother, SarahElizabeth Ferris, taken 9:20 pm, June 3, 1999, at Allen Memorial Hospital.

Mrs.Ferris, at what time did your daughter leave your home this evening?

Just a minute or two before eight o'clock. She called goodbye to meas she went out the door. I was in the kitchen setting the VCR to tapea movie off the TV for my son. He had band practice tonight and asked meto this afternoon. I was supposed to start the tape at eight.

Could you see Rebecca from the house at any time after she left?

Well, no. The kitchen door has a window, but we have so many trees andbushes around our house that you can't really see beyond the yard. It wouldhave been really hard to see anything on Sarrett Road, anyway, since thewindow faces Henderson.

Do you know where Rebecca was going?

She told me earlier that she was going to go over to her friend Nora'shouse tonight. I hadn't seen her since dinner. We ate at six.

Would you please go over what you know of Rebecca's activities duringthe day today?

She left for school at 7:15 like she always does; Nora picked her up. She came home earlier than usual because the students are taking finalsand the school has half days. She spent most of the afternoon in her roombecause she had to study. She ate dinner with the family at six. Afterdinner she went back in her room until she left for Nora's.

Did she seem distracted, or exhibit any unusual behavior?

I wouldn't say so. She was bound to be worried over her finals, of course. Her grades have slipped a little this marking period, so it's importantthat she do well on her exams. Recently she's been spending a lot of timestudying, in her room or with Nora. I would just say that she seemed abit stressed in general. I didn't see her much today because she was studying.