Statement of Nora Okampa, taken 4:10pm, June 4, 59 Coriander Rd.

When did you lastsee Rebecca?

When I dropped her off after school yesterday. We planned then that shewas going to come over to my house after dinner.

I take it she never arrived, then.

No. I had actually been expecting her earlier than eight o'clock, butwith Rebecca I never really knew when she would show up.

Her mother told us that the two of you spent quite a lot of time together.

Yeah, we were friends for a long time. I didn't see as much of her latelyas I used to, but we drove to school together every morning, and sometimesshe'd come over here or we'd go out and do something.

You haven't seen her much lately? Her mother implied that she spentall her time over here, except when she was studying at home.

Well, Rebecca would sometimes tell her mother that she was coming overhere when she wasn't, really. I stupidly agreed to cover for her once andever since she's been lying to her mother and using me to back her up. Ididn't mind at first. Rebecca's mother is just really strict about thingslike curfews, so sometimes she'd tell her mom that she was spending thenight here instead of tell her where she was really going. She would gethere eventually, but she'd go out somewhere else first. Sometimes I wentwith her, sometimes we just met up later. But Rebecca started using me asan excuse more often, recently, at whatever time she wanted to have free.I was getting more and more worried about her, lately. I was at the pointwhen I was going to go to her parents and tell them what I though was goingon, and then she died.

Do you know what Rebecca was doing, if she wasn't with you?

I suspected she had gotten involved with drugs in some way. I mean, youhear rumors. There's supposed to be a guy somewhere around this neighborhoodwho deals. I know things about some of the people from school that she'sbeen hanging out with, and I can put two and two together. She was actingdifferently, and I was getting afraid for her.