Statement of Stephen Reynolds, taken5:30 pm, June 4, 1999, at 410 Sarrett Road.

So, Mr. Reynolds, you say you have new evidence relating to the deathof Rebecca Ferris?

Yes, I do. I didn't actually see the poor girl get hit-otherwise I'dhave called the police immediately, of course-but now that I think of it,I know that I saw her that evening before she was killed. I mean, I wassitting in my living room and I saw her walking up the street. She was actingstrange, if you know what I mean, kind of distracted. She was walking rightin the middle of the street. I guess I figured she was crossing the street,only slowly, but the more I think about it the more I'm sure that she wastotally oblivious to everything around her. I don't want to put the blameon her for the accident because the poor girl's dead, but I'm positive Isaw her in the street. There's so many trees and plants around that houseover there that nobody can see beyond the corner. The visibility is terrible.Whoever hit her may not have been able to see her until it was too late.Like I said, I don't want to blame Rebecca, but it's not fair for someoneto be convicted of something not entirely their own fault, even if theymight have been the one who hit her. I'm not saying who did it, becauseI didn't see, but if what I did see helps . . .

May I ask if you are acquainted with Simone Argones, Bradley Kimmer,or Peter Bredon?

I don't know the first one, but I know the last two slightly. Brad worksat the same software company as I do, though not in the same departmentso we don't really know each other. Peter Bredon lives just down the streetfrom me. I borrowed his lawnmower once. Why?

Just looking for corroborative evidence. Did you see either of themen yesterday evening?

I said hi to Brad at work, but that was in the morning. I didn't seeeither of them in the evening. Not that I would normally see Brad, but Ioften see Peter around in his yard or something. I don't remember seeinghim last night, though.