Statement of Frederick Sladowski, taken8:30 pm, June 3, 1999, at the scene.

Describe what happened this evening from the time you found the bodyuntil I got here, please.

I was on my way home from my evening walk when I saw a person lying bythe side of the road. I was walking south on Sarrett on the other sideof the street from her, but it was still fairly light and I could see thatit was a girl just lying there. I didn't know if she was hurt or sick orwhat. I ran across the street to see what was wrong. I spoke to her andtouched her arm, but she didn't respond. She didn't seem to be breathingand I couldn't find a pulse, and now that I was up close I could see thatshe had been hurt. I had my cel phone in my pocket, so I called 911. Idon't know CPR or anything, and she wasn't actively bleeding, so there wasn'tmuch I could do but wait for you and the ambulance to arrive. I almostran down the street to find a house and get help, but I didn't feel likeI could just leave her, and I knew the ambulance would get here soon. Ifelt so useless.

Did you move her body, or touch anything around her?

I don't think I moved her much. I told you I touched her arm, and Imight have shaken her a little to try to wake her up, but I was afraid I'dhurt her more if I moved her. That's another reason I didn't go to oneof the houses for help. I was afraid another car might hit her if the driverdidn't see her, because she was so close to the road, so I had to stay andkeep her safe. If anybody had driven by I would have flagged them down,but nobody came.

And did you touch anything else?

Well, I walked up to her and around her, and I knelt beside her. I guessI may have moved some gravel and some of that glass around. There isn'treally anything else there.

All right, you said before that you didn't see anybody driving past. I'd like you to describe where you took your walk, and any cars or peopleyou can rememberseeing in this area tonight.

I live on Coriander Road near where it intersects with Salem Road. Moreor less directly across from my house is the entrance to a path throughthe farm across the way. I'm friends with the owner and he doesn't mindme taking a stroll through there every so often. The path lets out at SarrettRoad right across from Lillian drive. Of course I didn't see any cars whenI was on the path. I did have to wait for one car before crossing Sarrett;it was heading north, I think. I don't remember the color right now. Anyway,I crossed the street and walked through the Lillian development, just walkingalong Lillian Drive. I saw several people around their houses and in driveways. There were cars around, but there always are so none of them made any particularimpression on me. I walked to the end of Lillian and turned left on Sarrett. Sarrett goes up a bit of a hill between Lillian and Henderson, so I couldn'tsee the girl until after I'd passed Henderson, when the road slopes backdown. I didn't notice any cars any time I was on Sarrett, which is a littleunusual, but then it's not really a busy road.