Request for Examination of Evidence

Crime: Homicide
In County of: Lorain
Victim: Julia Elizabeth Rochester
Suspects: Deborah Irene Forsythe, Beatrice Annabelle Rochester Miller, Simon Horatio Miller, Margaret Anne McLean Rochester, George Edward Rochester, Jacob Lewis Shelby.
Submitting Agency: Ohio State Police, Troop C, Oberlin, OH
Submitted To: Oberlin Crime Lab.
Forward Replies to: Capt. R. Q. Thompson, Commanding, Troop C, Oberlin OH 44074
Investigation by: DSG. R. E. Hook

Brief History of Case: The victim became suddenly ill during her birthday party on November 2nd. She complained of numbness and then succumbed to repeated convulsions. She died in the dining room of her residence. The suspects listed above were houseguests of the victim, with the exception of Deborah Forsythe, who lived with the victim.

Later the same night a fire started at a motel where the suspects had been lodged by the police and caused moderate to severe damage to three rooms. According to the fire chief, preliminary information points towards arson.

Relevant photographs to be forwarded to Laboratory by Troop C Identification Bureau.

List of Specimens -- examination requested from this lab

  1. Blood - (100 cc) from victim
  2. Hair - multiple strands from victim
  3. Icing - (approximately 7 grams) from victim's slice of birthday cake
  4. Tube of decorator's icing from guest room used by Simon and Beatrice Miller.
  5. Three-quarter inch (3/4") square piece burned carpet from room occupied by George and Margaret Rochester.
  6. Three-quarter inch (3/4") square piece burned carpet from room occupied by Simon and Beatrice Miller.
  7. Three-quarter inch (3/4") square piece burned carpet from room occupied by Deborah Irene Forsythe.
  8. Pen found in office used by Deborah Forsythe and Julia Rochester
  9. Pen found in suitcase belonging to Margaret Rochester
  10. Pen found in purse belonging to Beatrice Miller
  11. Pen found in coatpocket of George Edward Rochester
  12. Alleged will
  13. Ribbon -- from alleged will
  14. Ribbon -- from tieback in guest bedroom used by Jacob Shelby
  15. Ribbon -- from bookmark of book belonging to Margaret Rochester
  16. Ribbon -- from bow around stuffed ostrich's neck
  17. Three bottles of fluids taken from the guest bedroom of George and Margaret Rochester
  18. Two bottles of fluids taken from the guest bedroom of Beatrice and Simon Miller
  19. One bottle of solid taken from the dressing table in the bedroom of Deborah Forsythe
  20. Powder collected from the safe that contained the will of Julia Rochester


DSG Ruth E. Hook -- investigating officer -- excerpts from case notes
Special Agent Jacob L. Shelby -- undercover investigator from the DEA -- internal report

Statements Available for Review upon Request

Deborah I. Forsythe -- companion and business associate of the deceased
Beatrice A. Miller -- sister of the deceased
Simon H. Miller -- brother-in-law of the deceased
George E. Rochester -- nephew of the deceased
Margaret A. Rochester -- niece (by marriage) of the deceased
Marjorie K. Stroh -- baker