Basic Theory:

The basic theory of affinity chromatography has been conveniently consolidated into a single PDF file for easy distribution and note-taking.  The document aims to answer the following questions:

•What is affinity chromatography?

•What types of biological interactions used in affinity chromatography?

•What are the steps involved in affinity purification?

•How do you use affinity purification when a specific ligand for your target molecule is not available?

•What are the analysis methods for purified biomolecules?

Click here to view the basic theory PDF file.


Examples of applications of affinity chromatography can be accessed through the link for the applications PDF file.  The applications covered in this document are as follows:

•Purifying a protein of interest based on histidine-nickel interaction

•Purifying a protein of interest based on inherent ligand-binding specificity

•Affinity-based chiral separations

•Study of drug interactions

Click here to view the applications PDF file.

Practice Problems:

Several classroom practice problems and laboratory experiements have been consolidated into PDFs for use as teaching aids.  They may be accessed and downloaded via the links below.

Click here to view the classroom practice problems PDF file.

Click here to view the laboratory experiments PDF file.