Quantitative NMR: eLearning Module
Cynthia K. Larive and Albert K. Korir

Link to Q-NMR for purity determination of macrolide antibiotic reference standards.pdf Link to Determining_enantiomeric_purity_of_active_pharmaceutical_ingredients.pdf Link to Validated quantitation of vaccine components.pdf Link to Q-NMR-based metabonomics of blood samples.pdf Link to QNMR for time course evolution of malic and lactic acid.pdf Link to qnmr1.htm Link to qnmr2.htm Link to qnmr3.htm Link to Basic Theory1.htm Link to qnmr4.htm Link to qnmr5.htm Link to qnmr6.htm Link to qnmr7.htm Link to qnmr8.htm Link to qnmr9.htm Link to Instructors Guide.pdf